Concierge Service


Concierge Service PreXion is committed to excellence in service and support. A true industry leader understands that reputations are earned one customer at a time. PreXion has repeatedly provided a uniquely exceptional experience in the market for over 15 years with an uncompromising dedication to product reliability, service and support. From cutting-edge technology, industry-leading response times, and an expansive KOL support network, PreXion takes pride in delivering complete customer satisfaction.
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We have provided the below Concierge Service
to the customer in US market.

1.Both online and in-office service and maintenance performed
  by our certified technicians.

2.Technology upgrade opportunities to meet expanding clinical
  offerings and demands.

3.Scholarship toward continuing education courses
  and seminars with PreXion Imaging Advisory Board doctors.

4.Additional in-office training and product consultations
  conducted by our professional and knowledgeable sales
  and training representatives.

5.Extended warranty.

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