Privacy Policy

PreXion Corporation (hereinafter “we”), fully recognizes that it is an important responsibility for us to protect our customer’s personal information and any such as included in the data provided by our clients. We have designed the following privacy policy to put it into practice.

Basic Principles
1 Compliance with Laws Relating to Privacy Protection
  We will comply with all applicable laws and other regulations concerning privacy
  protection in handling our client’s personal information.
2 Privacy Protection System
  As well as developing the rules and regulations regarding our privacy protection and
  maintaining them, we will continue to improve our policy system.
  Consolidating our privacy protection management system of privacy protection,
  we will strive to keep our officers and staffs informed about all applicable laws and
  other regulations concerning privacy protection and our privacy policy,
  in order to secure our compliance.
3 Safe Management of Personal Information
  We will take reasonable security measures against such risks as illicit access,
  leakage, loss, destruction, modification of personal information.
4 Purpose of Use
  When requesting personal data, we will indicate clearly, how that personal data
  will be used, and will use that personal data only within the stated scope.
5 Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties and Sharing Use
  We will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party
  without our client’s prior consent, except when required to do so by law.
  However, when we consider a situation appropriate to have our agent
  respond to customer inquires regarding products or services,
  we may provide the customer’s name, telephone number, address, e-mail address
  and details of the inquiry to our contracted agent on privacy protection.
  We will not share our customer’s privacy with any organization.
Use of Personal Data
We will be provided with our customer’s personal data by indicating clearly, beforehand, how that personal data will be used, and will use that data only with the stated scope. We use personal data for the following purposes.

1 Providing our products and services.
2 Gathering and analysis of information on quality, safety,
  proper use and others of our products and services.
3 Responding to complaints, consultations and inquiries concerning
  our products and services.
4 Gathering and analysis of information regarding how our products
  and services are used.
5 Sending information on expositions, seminars, in which we are involved,
  our products and services.
6 Gathering and analysis of medical and academic information.

Request for disclosure and inquiries on personal data can be made to:

Aug.1, 2015
Toshitaka Agano,
Representative Director, President and CEO/CTO
PreXion Corporation

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